About the Lucid Family of Products

The Lucid family of products comprises a series of programs to help build, deploy and use interactive, computer-based identification keys. Lucid keys may be used to identify a wide range of objects or entities, from plants and animals to diseases and rocks. Usually, an expert on a particular subject uses a Lucid program to build an identification or diagnostic key to the species or objects of interest to them essentially capturing their expert knowledge in the Lucid key. The key can then be distributed, allowing other interested people to identify and learn about the things in the key.

The two main programs in the Lucid family are the Lucid Matrix and Lucid Phoenix systems. Lucid3 is the latest implementation of the Lucid Matrix system. Lucid Phoenix is used to convert existing dichotomous or branching keys printed in books or monographs into interactive keys or to create and deploy new pathway keys. In addition, the Lucid family includes a number of tools designed to support users of the Lucid3 and Lucid Phoenix systems. For more information on other members of the Lucid family of products, please visit the Lucidcentral website at www.lucidcentral.org.